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Our Veterans 

Honoring Our Heroes.

This page is dedicated to honoring our warriors that served selflessly for our freedom.  

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Augustine J. Quevas

Deceased WWII Soldier
Santa Ysabel Tribal Member

Augustine J. Quevas, Sgt, Air Corps 30th Bomb Squadron, 19th Bomb Group (Heavy) perished on the Hell ship called Shinyo Maru.  He is listed as MIA as of the date of the sinking, September 7, 1944.  He is listed on the Tablets of the Missing in Manila National Cemetery.  His home state was California.  He was captured on Bataan and endured the Bataan Death March, taken to Cabanatuan then on various slave details including the Davao POW Camp.  He was in route from Davao to Manila when his ship was torpedoed by an American submarine and sank. 

Silhouette of Soldiers

Fred Ortego

Deceased Army Santa Ysabel Tribal Member
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Vet Pic.JPG

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